Modern Finishes


Ultra Luxury Modern Finishes

Do you starve to have an ultramodern kitchen? You won’t get enough of these ultra-high gloss and ultra-matte finishes that will incite the desire for more. Luxury baring its teeth and proving its bite. ULTRA finishes never lose their hunger to whet your appetite.

These environmentally friendly panels are safe, non-toxic, and recyclable. Not only can you design your home with high end luxury panels, but you can feel good about it too! The MDF core material is made from using pre-consumer recycled and recovered wood fiber which saves trees and avoids landfills. The ABS and/or PET plastic components are 100% recyclable.

These low maintenance finishes come as a relief to today’s busy family lifestyles by keeping home furniture looking pristine. Simply clean your ultra-gloss or ultra-matte finishes with your everyday, non-abrasive cleaner – no special tools or cleaners needed!

Stand out with all the ULTRAPAN products. You won’t be part of the crowd when you use our gloss or matte polymer surfaces. We have given style a whole new look. One that will stand up to the busy, high-traffic environments that require ultra-modern finishes.

ULTRAPAN – Luxury Polymer Panel